The City of Tomball owns and operates the gas system within the city limits of Tomball. Visit our Utility Billing page for more information on rates.

The City of Tomball does not furnish electrical services.
Please visit the following websites to obtain a list of local electric service providers:

Frequently Asked Questions for Natural Gas & Safety

If there Is an indication of a gas leak, please call the City of Tomball FIRST at 281-290-1400

Nights, weekends and holidays, please call: 281-351-5451

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Who puts the smell in natural gas?

The City of Tomball adds a scent known as mercaptan to our natural gas supply, because natural gas normally is non-toxic, tasteless, colorless and odorless. Mercaptan makes natural gas smell like sulphur or rotten eggs, alerting you to a possible gas leak.

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Don't dig in streets, alleys or easements until you call Texas 811, which will notify the City. The City of Tomball will then mark its underground gas lines with yellow stakes, flags or spray paint. Make this request 48 hours in advance. This service is available at no charge.