Development Criteria

The City of Tomball’s Engineering and Construction (E&C) vision is to design and construct Tomball public infrastructure so that quality capital projects are delivered within budget and with minimum inconvenience to the Public. To meet this objective, standard contracts, dedications, and easement forms have been developed. Drafts of relative documents are listed with links where applicable. Some documents may be copyrighted, thus are only referred to. Supplemental conditions thus have been developed to some standard contracts are provided. All documents are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change and/or modification to fit the specific project or needs, as determined by the City Engineer.

The Engineering and Planning Department has produced the Tomball Development Guide: A Guide to Development and Building in the City of Tomball to assist local landowners, architects, engineers, developers, and other interested parties to understand the significant phases of the development and building process in the City of Tomball and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). With the numerous codes, policies, regulations, and procedures involved in securing development approval, this guide has been prepared to provide a basic understanding of the major City requirements when seeking to develop property within the City of Tomball and its ETJ.

The Tomball Development Guide is broken into six sections: Introduction, Pre-Development / DRC Meetings, Zoning, Platting, Site Plans, Permitting, Contacts, and Applicable Standards. Each section explains in detail how to navigate the development process in Tomball and addresses the necessary steps in obtaining City permits.

Tomball Development Guide