Engineering Division


Engineering and planning provides leadership and support in making Tomball a vibrant city to live, learn, work and play by:

  • Providing planning and related support to strengthen neighborhoods
  • Reviewing and promoting land regulation policies for the changing demands to Tomball’s growth and quality of life
  • Providing quality customer service to residents, businesses, organizations, neighborhoods and decision-makers through research, data, mapping and analysis


To plan, design and construct the City of Tomball’s public infrastructure in a coordinated, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner-providing excellent customer service, superior drinking water, safe streets and mobility, and effective drainage, wastewater collection, and treatment.

Engineering & Construction Vision

To design and construct the City of Tomball’s public infrastructure so that quality capital projects are delivered, within budget, and with minimum inconvenience to the public.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a development project, please contact our coordinator at 281-290-1405.

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