Code Compliance

When a person has a complaint or question concerning City code violation they can call the Code Compliance Officers located at 501 James Street in Tomball. There is a progressive ladder of enforcement that ranges from verbal warnings to written citations. If a violation is reported and the reporting party wants to be contacted, they must leave a callback name and number.

For more information or questions please contact:

Cindy Kell
Code Compliance Officer

Jeremy Williams
Code Compliance Officer

The Code Compliance Officer addresses the following: 

Noise, high grass/weeds, mosquito harborage, dumping, etc.

Bandit signs, illegal sign construction, signs in right-of-way, etc.

Fences constructed without permits, fences built in right-of-way, fences built with prohibited materials, etc.

Donation Containers:
Donation containers utilized in a manner that is in violation of the City’s ordinances.

Mobile Vendors:
Mobile vendors operating without permits or in violation of the City’s ordinances.

Illegal Construction:
Any building/structure constructed in violation of the City’s ordinances.

Temporary Buildings:
Temporary buildings constructed/placed in the City without the proper permits or in violation of the City’s ordinances.

Land use regulations, landscaping, etc.

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The links below are provided to you in an effort to educate our citizens so that cooperatively we can work together. Please help us achieve our goals.

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