Bonds & Certificates

00600List of Proposed Subcontractors and Suppliers, Parts A & B1/6/2009
00601Drug Policy Compliance Agreement1/6/2009
Contractor's Drug Free Workplace Policy (For filing)1/6/2009
00603Checklist for Drug Policy Submittal1/6/2009
00604History of OSHA Actions and List of On-the-job Injuries1/6/2009
00607Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other1/6/2009
00610Performance Bond1/6/2009
00611Statutory Payment Bond1/6/2009
00612One-year Maintenance Bond2/25/2010
00620Affidavit of Insurance (with attached Certificates of Insurance)1/6/2009
Name and Qualifications of Proposed Superintendent (For filing)1/6/2009
00640Application and Certificate for Payment, Stipulated Price Work1/6/2009
00641Contractor's Certification of Final Completion1/6/2009
00642Certification of Payment to Subcontractors and Suppliers3/2/2009
00643Estimate and Certificate for Payment, Unit Price Work1/6/2009
00644Drug Policy Compliance Declaration1/6/2009
00645Certificate of Substantial Completion1/6/2009
00650Certificate of Final Completion1/6/2009
00690Acceptance of Streets & Storm Sewer Elements1/6/2009
00691Acceptance of Water & Wastewater Lines1/6/2009