Division 2- Site Work

02081Cast-in-place Concrete Manholes1/6/2009
02082Precast Concrete Manholes1/6/2009
02083Fiberglass Manholes1/6/2009
02084Frames, Grates, Rings, and Covers1/6/2009
02085Valve Boxes, Meter Boxes, and Meter Vaults9/8/2009
02086Adjusting Manholes, Inlets, and Valve Boxes to Grade1/6/2009
02221Removing Existing Pavements and Structures1/6/2009
02222Abandonment of Sewers1/6/2009
02233Clearing and Grubbing1/6/2009
02260Trench Safety System1/6/2009
02314Excavation for Ditches, Channels and Detention Facilities1/6/2009
02315Roadway Excavation1/6/2009
02316Excavation and Backfill for Structures1/6/2009
02317Excavation and Backfill for Utilities1/6/2009
02318Extra Unit Price Work for Excavation And Backfill1/6/2009
02320Utility Backfill Materials1/6/2009
02321Cement Stabilized Sand1/6/2009
02336Lime-Stabilized Subgrade1/6/2009
02337Lime/Fly-Ash Stabilized Subgrade1/6/2009
02338Portland Cement Stabilized Subgrade1/6/2009
02378Riprap and Granular Fill1/6/2009
02400Tunnel Shafts1/6/2009
02401Common Tunnel Shafts1/6/2009
02425Tunnel Excavation and Primary Liner1/6/2009
02426Sewer Line in Tunnels1/6/2009
02427Plastic Liner for Large-Dia. Concrete Sewers and Structures1/6/2009
02431Tunnel Grout1/6/2009
02441Microtunneling and Pipe-Jacked Tunnels1/6/2009
02447Augering Pipe and Conduit1/6/2009
02448Pipe and Casing Augering for Sewers1/6/2009
02465Drilled Shaft Foundations1/6/2009
02476Caisson for Lift Station1/6/2009
02501Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings1/6/2009
02502Steel Pipe and Fittings1/6/2009
02503Copper Tubing1/6/2009
02504Centrifugally Cast Fiberglass Pipe1/6/2009
02505High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Solid and Profile Wall Pipe1/6/2009
02506Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe1/6/2009
02507Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe1/6/2009
02508Extra Strength Clay Pipe1/6/2009
02511Water Lines1/6/2009
02512Water Tap and Service Line Installation1/6/2009
02513Wet Connections1/6/2009
02514Disinfection of Water Lines1/6/2009
02515Hydrostatic Testing Of Pipelines1/6/2009
02516Cut, Plug, And Abandonment of Mains1/6/2009
02517Water Line in Tunnels1/6/2009
02518Steel Pipe and Fittings for Large-Diameter Water Lines1/6/2009
02520Fire Hydrants9/12/2019
02521Gate Valves1/6/2009
02522Butterfly Valves1/6/2009
02523Pressure Reducing Valves1/6/2009
02524Air Release and Vacuum Relief Valves1/6/2009
02525Tapping Sleeves and Valves1/6/2009
02526Water Meters1/6/2009
02527Polyurethane Coatings on Steel or Ductile Iron Pipe1/6/2009
02528Polyethylene Wrap1/6/2009
02531Gravity Sanitary Sewers1/6/2009
02532Sanitary Sewer Force Mains1/6/2009
02533Acceptance Testing for Sanitary Sewers1/6/2009
02534Sanitary Sewer Service Stubs or Reconnections1/6/2009
02581Street Lighting Conduit1/6/2009
02605Conductive Trace Wire for Nonmetallic Pipe Installations1/6/2009
02611Reinforced Concrete Pipe1/6/2009
02612Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Sewers1/6/2009
02631Storm Sewers1/6/2009
02632Cast-In-Place Inlets, Headwalls, and Wingwalls1/6/2009
02633Precast Concrete Inlets, Headwalls, and Wingwalls1/6/2009
02641Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Sewers1/6/2009
02642Corrugated Metal Pipe1/6/2009
02643Structural Plate Culvert Structures1/6/2009
02684Constructor Qualification Requirements1/6/2009
02685Natural Gas Distribution System1/6/2009
02711Hot Mix Asphalt Base Course1/6/2009
02712Cement Stabilized Base Course1/6/2009
02713Recycled Crushed Concrete Base Course1/6/2009
02714Flexible Base Course for Temp. Rds, Detours, Shoulders, and Driveways1/6/2009
02741Asphaltic Concrete Pavement1/6/2009
02742Prime Coat1/6/2009
02743Tack Coat1/6/2009
02751Concrete Paving1/6/2009
02752Concrete Pavement Joints1/6/2009
02753Concrete Pavement Curing1/6/2009
02754Concrete Driveways1/6/2009
02761Colored Concrete for Medians and Sidewalks1/6/2009
02762Blast Cleaning of Pavement1/6/2009
02764Raised Pavement Markers1/6/2009
02765Temporary and Removable Reflectorized Pavement Markings1/6/2009
02767Thermoplastic Pavement Markings1/6/2009
02771Curb, Curb and Gutter, and Headers1/6/2009
02772Concrete Medians and Directional Islands1/6/2009
02775Concrete Sidewalks1/6/2009
02811Landscape Irrigation1/6/2009
02915Tree Planting1/6/2009
02921Hydromulch Seeding1/6/2009
02951Pavement Repair And Resurfacing1/6/2009