Backflow Prevention

A Consumer's Guide to Backflow Prevention in Texas

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires all public water systems to maintain a cross-connection control program that protects the distribution system delivering drinking water to your home or business.

City of Tomball's cross-connection control program includes:

  • An inspection of the customer's private plumbing to identify and prevent cross-connections and potential contamination, including contamination from high lead levels in the plumbing
  • Installation and testing of backflow prevention assemblies, where required
  • Rules to prevent cross-connections and unacceptable plumbing practices: ordinances, regulations, service agreements, and a plumbing code

Third-Party CSI Inspectors:

Ray Harlow: 832-349-4465  Terry Blanchard: 281-889-1443  Taylor: 936-647-5852

Some Public Water systems may have more stringent requirements than the TCEQ. TCEQ regulations are the minimum requirement.

How can backflow be prevented?

Backflow into a potable-water system can be prevented by using a backflow prevention assembly or an air gap, which is a physical separation between the water supply and a potential source of pollution. Licensed professionals, as well as your public water system, are responsible for determining the type of backflow prevention assembly required based on the degree of hazard.

Testing backflow prevention assemblies

Because backflow prevention assemblies are mechanical assemblies that can fail, the TCEQ requires testing all backflow prevention assemblies at installation by a TCEQ-licensed tester. Backflow prevention assemblies installed to protect against any health hazard must be tested annually.

City of Tomball Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Worksheet:

How can I find out more information about backflow?

For more information about backflow and cross-connection control, visit or

If you have questions about the City of Tomball's Backflow and Cross Connection Program, please contact:

Will Goff

Utilities Superintendent