The City of Tomball Subdivision Development Ordinance No. 40 regulates the subdivision of all property within the corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction. If you would like to view Ordinance No. 40 click here to view Municode, then navigate to Chapter 40.

Platting is the process through which land is subdivided and is either developed or sold. In the platting process, the layout of streets and utilities is established; the streets identify blocks, and blocks are further subdivided to create lots for individual ownership. This process is also used to subdivide and/or aggregate existing platted lots which does not involve extension of public improvements, and provides compatible relationships between land uses and building.

The manner in which land is subdivided, how streets are designed and how the lots are laid out have a lasting effect on the physical character of the city. Streets, water, sewage and drainage systems must be safe and have an effective design and construction. Streets must be adequately sized to accommodate projected traffic and emergency vehicles. The future property owner must be guaranteed a parcel with facilities suited to its intended use, taking into account local and regional demands.

Plat Application

Application for Joinder of Lots

Submittal Deadlines for Plats

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