Active CIP Projects

Active CIP projects include any project that has been included as a needed long-term improvement. Active projects may be funded or unfunded, or in various stages of project development. 

  1. South Cherry Street Road & Drainage Improvements

Project Description

Old town Tomball is primarily located within the vicinity of the Cherry Street corridor. Cherry Street also serves as the main conveyance of storm sewer for this area (north and south of FM 2920).  

The south section of Cherry Street extending from FM 2920, south to Holderrieth Road has an open ditch as the drainage conveyance. During storm events, Cherry Street can be a bottle neck for stormwater and the backup of storm water does occur to major parts of old town Tomball included many residential properties south of the old town area.  

This project would include the installation of storm sewer beginning at FM 2920 extending south to Hardin Road then to the existing M121 channel.  Lateral storm sewers extending off this main line in Cherry Street would then help alleviate drainage problems where many repetitive loss residential homes in old Town Tomball. The proposed storm sewer would be in the right of way of Cherry Street with the installation of the storm sewer, improvements and expansion of the roadway will be needed as well.  The additional benefits to improving the corridor would be the addition of needed sidewalks thru the heart of the City (on the south side).

Total Project Cost

$20 million

Estimated Start Date

4th quarter, 2024 (if funded)

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