Civil Plan Review

As an integral component of new development in Tomball, the Fire Marshal’s Office reviews all new commercial sites, subdivisions, and special project sites for compliance. Areas such as fire hydrant placement, underground piping for fire protection systems, approach and departure angles, overhead obstructions, and apparatus access to buildings are some of the areas that are reviewed.

General Requirements

  1. Provide fire hydrants for all new developments; 300’ residential // 500’ commercial spacing.
  2. Fire hydrants in a commercial complex shall face the street or apparatus access route.
  3. Fire hydrants shall be located within 400’ non-sprinkler // 600’ sprinkler of all exterior portions of a building at grade. Measured "as the hose lays".
  4. Maximum 10% approach/departure angle.
  5. Apparatus turn-around to be in compliance with IFC 2015 Appendix D103.4
  6. Apparatus access routes to be located within 150’ of the building to provide hose lay access or 150’ non-sprinkler // 200’ sprinklered
  7. Apparatus access routes (fire lanes) to be 24’ wide, except
    1. When a fire hydrant is located along the route - lanes shall be 26’ wide.
    2. When building height exceeds 30’ - lanes shall be 26’ wide.
  8. Any overhang or horizontal obstructions shall have a clearance height of 14’ when located along the access route.
  9. Overhead wires shall not be installed when aerial access is required from a fire lane.
  10. Plans shall indicate the location of underground piping used for fire protection. Include the location of post indicator valve, and remote FDC - Fire Department Connection.
  11. Gates located along the fire lane shall be equipped with a Knox key switch or Knox padlock.
  12. No landscaping is to be proposed within 3’ radius of FDC, fire hydrants and other fire service valves.