Fire Sprinkler System

All plans including applications should be emailed to the Fire Marshal's Office at  

A fire sprinkler system is designed to aide in the control or extinguishment of a fire through a fixed sprinkler head. With the activation of a fire sprinkler head or heads, a water flow device is activated and triggers the buildings’ fire alarm system which in turn notifies the fire department. Unlike in the movies, only the fire sprinkler head(s) in the affected area respond to the fire.

Plan Review Requirements

  1. All new fire sprinkler plans must be submitted to one of the approved third-party plan review companies  BEFORE being submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Greentag Engineering LLC 

Reed Fire Protection 

Traditions Fire Consulting

  1. Provide digital plans for approval to one of the reviewers with stamping and reports.
    1. One set of manufacturers parts detail shall be provided with plans.
      1. Provide arrows to indicate part specifications, no highlighters.
  2. Two stamped sets will be returned to contractor.
    1. One of these sets shall remain at the premise upon completion and testing.
  3. Provide a current copy of state license issued by the Texas Department of Insurance.
  4. Provide a current copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance, naming City of Tomball as certificate holder.
  5. All systems shall be installed in a workmanship manner in accordance with NFPA standards.
  6. Provide a completed Suppression and Detection application.

General Requirements

Title block shall include the following information

  1. Project name
  2. Project address
  3. Contractor name, address, and license number.
  4. Scale
  5. Date
  6. Legend
  7. Floor plans drawn to a common scale
  8. Elevations, ceiling heights
  9. Storage configurations, as applicable
  10. Water flow data
  11. Riser detail
  12. Remote locations
  13. Location of test / drain valves
  14. Location of FDC
  15. Location of PIV
  16. New / existing head locations
  17. Type and quantity of heads
  18. Hydraulic plate

Water Flow Requirements

  1. Schedule a water flow test with the Fire Marshal’s Office.
    1. Obtain a water flow permit.
      1. Click for permit application
  2. Water flow data is valid for 12 months from date of performance.
  3. A completed water flow data sheet shall be submitted for recordation with the Fire Marshal’s Office and City of Tomball Public Works.
  4. The City of Tomball does not perform water flow testing.

Plan Review Requirements

  1. At least one system control valve shall be mounted outside and visible (wall valve, post indicated, or OS&Y).
    1. No underground pits or keystone valves are permitted.
  2. All water control valves shall be monitored for:
    1. Tamper control
    2. Water flow
    3. Supervisory
  3. Valves accessible to the public, including on-site personnel shall be protected with a chain and lock.
    1. Keys to be provided to FMO.
  4. A weatherproof horn/strobe shall be installed in lieu of a mechanical or electronic water motor gong.
    1. To be installed near the riser room, externally.
  5. A double-check backflow preventer is required on the riser.
  6. All underground piping will be hydrostatically tested to NFPA standards.
  7. Underground plumbing shall be flushed prior to connection of aboveground piping.
    1. Flushing shall be witnessed by FMO.
    2. A tracer wire shall be installed with all underground piping.
  8. Sprinkler system must be designed with 10% safety factor of the required psi.

NO WORK may begin without prior approval of plans and required permit has been submitted for payment.

These criteria may not include all Sprinkler System types. If you have specific questions about design, planning, or installation; contact the Fire Marshal’s Office for more information.