Plan Review Process

Plan Review Submittal Requirements

All plans submitted for review shall be provided with a code table indicating the proper Code(s) as adopted by the City of Tomball. The following codes have been adopted by Ordinance 2014-11.

  • International Fire Code 2015
  • NFPA 101 – Life Safety Code 2015

Referenced Standards can be found in Chapter 80 of the International Fire Code.

Amendments to these standards can be located in the Code of Ordinance No. 2019-32

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Insurance Services Office (ISO)

All fire sprinkler plans are required to be submitted to ISO for review.

See ISO details page for submission information.

Any plans returned from ISO requiring revisions will need to be submitting with corrections.

General Submittal

Plan submittal for fire suppression and detection systems shall be provided for approval with three (3) paper sets of plans. One set of manufacturer details shall be provided.
  • A Digital Set of plans will be returned. 
  • One stamped hardcopy set shall remain at the premise AT ALL TIMES.
  • Manufacturer details shall be identified with arrows indicating device, no highlighters allowed.
  • Contractor shall provide a plastic tube for the storage of plans near the sprinkler riser.

All plan must be complete. Incomplete plans will be returned.

Any plans that require corrections will be provided with a detailed list of deficiencies. An outlined letter of corrections will be required for resubmittal.