Charter Review Commission

The City Charter is a document prepared by the Tomball citizens to direct the functions of the City government. Periodically, this document must be reviewed to ensure that it is current and properly reflects the community's desires and directions. As it is the citizens' document, we ask a group of citizens to review it. This group is meant to represent all citizens of the City of Tomball, and all citizens are invited to provide input into the review process. Although appointed by the City Council, the Charter Review Committee ultimately reports to the people of Tomball.

The City Council, at a meeting held on August 19, 2013, appointed the following thirteen persons to the Charter Review Commission:

  • Steven Vaughan - Chair
  • Richard Anderson
  • Lori Ball
  • Will Benson
  • Patricia Brautigam
  • Chad Degges
  • John Lynch
  • Gloria Monzingo
  • Kit Pfieffer
  • Tina Salem
  • Latrell Shannon
  • William Sumner, III (Wes Sumner)
  • Mark Walicki


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