Tourism Advisory Committee

The Tourism Advisory Committee is advisory in nature, bringing its recommendations to Council for approval of Hotel Occupancy Tax expenditures.

The Tourism Advisory Committee is comprised of eight members who serve staggered three-year terms. Residents, Tomball business owners or managers, Tomball hotel/motel managers, and individuals from tourism-related businesses are eligible to serve on the Tourism Advisory Committee. An applicant must be a citizen of the United States and must reside within the city limits of Tomball unless the applicant is requesting an appointment as a Tomball business owner/manager (other than a hotel or motel), with offices located within the city limits of Tomball, or a Tomball hotel/motel manager of a facility located within the city limits of Tomball.

Individuals interested in serving on the Tourism Advisory Committee may complete the Tourism Advisory Committee Application and send it to the City Secretary.

Committee Members

MemberPositionCurrent Term Expires
Matthew Harris112/5/2023
Angie Johnson212/5/2024
Jeffie Cappadonna312/5/2025
Holly Cook (Chair)412/5/2023
Kaylee Moore512/5/2024
Ted Mielke612/5/2025
Melanie Sutton712/5/2023
Raymond Francois8/Co-Chair12/5/2024
Paige Cassell9/Chair 12/5/2025