Hotel Occupancy Tax

Hotel Occupancy Tax Collections

Tourism can be a key contributor to economic development through the collection of a hotel occupancy tax. This tax provides much-needed tourism revenue to the City and can improve economic development opportunities for the entire area. Unlike the local sales tax, the occupancy tax is optional and can be imposed without voters' approval. The City of Tomball hotel/motel tax rate is 7% of net receipts.

Who Must File?

Sole owners, partnerships, corporations, or other organizations that own, operate, manage, and/or control any hotel, motel, "bed and breakfast inn," or other locations offering "sleeping rooms" for less than 30 days in the City of Tomball.

When do I File the Report?

Quarterly: the last day of the month following the end of each calendar quarter.

Where do I send the reports and payments?

The City of Tomball has chosen Avenu MuniServices as a partner to assist the City's staff in collecting the Hotel Occupancy Tax. 

Make checks payable to:

Tax Trust Account
Hotel Occupancy Tax Dept
PO Box 830725
Birmingham, AL 35283-0725