Community Emergency Response Training

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

CERT training is a Federal Emergency Management Agency program that educates citizens about the hazards they face in their community and trains them in lifesaving skills. If needed following a disaster, these citizen-responders use their training as part of a neighborhood or workplace team to help others when professional responders are overwhelmed or not immediately available. CERT members provide immediate assistance to victims in their area, organize spontaneous volunteers who have not had the training, and collect disaster intelligence that will assist professional responders with prioritization and allocation of resources when they arrive.


"Community Emergency response training"

We should all know how to prepare for and respond to emergencies or disasters that may occur in our community, like Hurricane Harvey in 2017 or Winter Storm Uri in 2021.

Do you want to be better prepared for emergencies or disasters? This training is for you!

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No classes are scheduled at this time. Contact us to get notified about upcoming classes.
Tomball Fire Department
1200 Rudel, Tomball, TX 77375

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9 - Week CERT Training Includes:

Disaster Preparedness
Medical Triage/Treatment
Disaster Psychology
Terrorism Awareness

Fire Suppression
Light Search & Rescue
CERT Organization
Course Review/Disaster Simulation
***Tomball CERT Program includes a 9th Class - CPR Training***

Free Training - All class materials and equipment are provided at no charge to attendees!