The City of Tomball's Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 

An update to the original Vision 2030 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by City Council on October 7, 2019. 

The Comprehensive Plan illustrates the community's vision for the future and provides a road map to achieving that vision.

The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan is to anticipate growth and to guide that growth in a manner that provides Tomball with a balance of land uses that promotes economic growth and improves the quality of life. The Comprehensive Plan is not a zoning ordinance and it does not affect existing zoning regulations. Rather, it provides the foundation for making changes or developing new regulations that implement identified goals, objectives, and actions.

The Comprehensive Plan includes:

  • Community Profile
  • Economic Plan
  • Vision Statement
  • Parks and Recreation Plan
  • Future Land Use Map
  • Growth Capacity Plan
  • Circulation Plan
  • Implementation Tools

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Future Land Use MapMay 17, 2021
Major Thoroughfare PlanMay 17, 2021