School Resource Officers

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Lieutenant Bryan Hill -


Lieutenant Bryan Hill began his career with the Tomball Police Department as a Patrol Officer in December, 2004.  He has worked various assignments in the patrol division, including SWAT, Accident Reconstruction, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), and School Resource Officer. Hill advanced in rank until his most recent promotion to Lieutenant over the Criminal Investigations (CID) and School Resource Officer (SRO) divisions. Prior to serving with the Tomball Police Department, Lieutenant Hill was a member of the Kingsville Police Department and Kleberg County Sheriff's Office.  He holds a Master Peace Officer Certification, and Basic Instructor Proficiency Certification.


Sergeant Keith Ferguson -

Also: DAEP (Alternative center), Tomball Connections Academy



Tomball Memorial High School Resource Officer(s)


FOOTE Travendieal 1Travendial Foote -


Tomball High School Resource Officer(s)


Courtnay White –

POMMER JulieteJuliete Pommer -


Willow Wood Junior High School Resource Officer

Also: Northpointe Intermediate, Oakcrest Intermediate, Willow Creek Elementary, Lakewood Elementary, Canyon Point Elementary, Wildwood Elementary and Grand Oaks Elementary as requested.



Tomball Junior High School Resource Officer

Miranda Torres -
Also: Tomball Intermediate, Tomball Elementary, Rosehill Elementary and Decker Prairie Elementary as requested.

Miranda Torres SRO


Creekside Park Junior High School Resource Officer

Josh Littell -
Also: Creekview Elementary, Timber Creek Elementary and Creekside Forest Elementary as requested 



Grand Lakes Junior High School Resource Officer


Also: Grand Oaks Elementary School


The Tomball Police Department, in conjunction with the Tomball Independent School District, began utilizing D.A.R.E. in the late 1980’s. Since that time, D.A.R.E. has been well received. In 2005, TISD and TPD personnel assessed the needs of today’s youth and developed a new adaptive program to better serve and inform Tomball young people. The D.E.A.L. program, “delivering education and awareness for life” was implemented. Students in the program are taught life skills, decision-making processes, coping with both peer and personal pressure and accepting responsibility for one’s actions.

In an effort to provide Tomball Independent School District (T.I.S.D.) students with a safe and secure learning environment, T.I.S.D. and the Tomball Police Department, implemented the School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) program. The role of the S.R.O. is multi-faceted. SRO’s enforce federal, state and local laws on T.I.S.D. property as well as build lifelong supportive relationships with the students. The S.R.O. acts as a liaison between T.I.S.D. and Tomball Police Department and ensures an open line of communication between the entities, students, and parents. 

The S.R.O. provides parents with the opportunity to be involved and active in issues concerning the safety and welfare of their children. Annually, hundreds of students are instructed in tobacco awareness and personal choice safety in regards to current trends practiced by young people. In addition to instructing students, the S.R.O. provides numerous hours of instruction to school district faculty and administration.

With our dynamic society, the SRO has become a stabilizing factor in the educational and personal lives of the students, staff and faculty of the Tomball Independent School District.

SRO Team image taken at Tomball ISD board room showing six standing men. From left to right, Chief B