Criminal Investigations Division

Lieutenant Bryan Hill began his career with the Tomball Police Department as a Patrol Officer in December, 2004.  He has worked various assignments in the patrol division, including SWAT, Accident Reconstruction, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), and School Resource Officer. Hill advanced in rank until his most recent promotion to Lieutenant over the Criminal Investigations (CID) and School Resource Officer (SRO) divisions. Prior to serving with the Tomball Police Department, Lieutenant Hill was a member of the Kingsville Police Department and Kleberg County Sheriff's Office.  He holds a Master Peace Officer Certification, and Basic Instructor Proficiency Certification.


The Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up investigations of most criminal offenses and other support function of the department. This division is organized into the Investigations Unit, the Communications and Records unit, the Information Systems Unit, and Investigative Services Unit (property / evidence) Personnel, training, and the Criminal Intelligence function.

Investigations Unit Tasks

  • Follow- up on cases not initially cleared by patrol division
  • Recognize and document patterns of crime
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Coordinate with and assist other agencies
  • Gather and disseminate criminal intelligence to other divisions and agencies
  • Interview suspects, witnesses, victims, and arrested persons.
  • Initiate narcotics cases
  • Work with all confidential informants
  • Conduct undercover and special operations
  • Maintain all records and interview listed sexual offenders residing in Tomball
  • Complete all background investigations on new applicants to the Tomball Police Department.

Property & Evidence Tasks

  • Preserve and maintain all evidence 
  • Package, record and store evidence for court and/or future use 
  • Submit items to the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office: evidence, narcotics, bodily fluids, etc. 
  • Maintain chain of custody and a high level of security with all evidence storage procedures 

Crime Scene Investigations

  • Process major crime scenes
  • Collect, preserve and develop all evidence
  • Assist in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of suspects

Internal affairs

  • Thoroughly investigate formal complaints assigned by the Chief of Police


  • Thoroughly investigate formal complaints assigned by the Chief of Police
  • Determine the validity of complaints filed against department members