Municipal Court


If you are ill, or if you have any concerns about attending your court hearing in person, please contact us before your scheduled appearance date.

Our number is 281-351-7894.

Upon request, Web Conferencing hearings will be broadcast to any member the public.  If you wish to observe or listen in on these hearings call us at 281-351-7894 for instructions.

The Tomball Municipal Court has Jurisdiction over "fine only" offenses that occur within the city limits including traffic offenses, city ordinance violations, and most other Class "C" misdemeanors.

We are committed to serving our community by providing fair access to justice and superior customer service for all people who come into contact with our Court.

Please call us with your questions or concerns.

Presiding Judge:  Brett Peabody

Associate Judge:  Blair Bruce

Associate Judge:  Mike Tiffin

Associate Judge: Cindy Bennett Smith

Court Administrator:  Maria Morris

Senior Court Clerk/ Juvenile Case Manager: Inez Sanchez

Assistant Court Clerk: Fae Morris 

Assistant Court Clerk: Daniela Carrillo Sanchez

Assistant Court Clerk: Carlos Vera

Senior Bailiff / Warrant Officer: Anthony Young

Chief Prosecutor: address correspondence to "Chief Prosecutor"

Prosecutor: address correspondence to "Prosecutor"


Tomball Municipal Court
401 Market Street
Tomball, TX 77375
Office: 281-351-7894
FAX: 281-290-1016


Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame al Corte Municipal de Tomball al: 

(281) 351-7894 pregunte por alguin que hable Español.


Tribunal Municipal de Tomball esta abierto, de :

lunes a jueves de 8am -5 :00pm      

viernes de 8a.m. -4:00 p.m.